Fascinating Attractions With a Morocco Vacation


Known among many as a gateway to the African continent, Morocco is a nation that has some cultural cities, a lengthy coastline, rugged mountains, and desert areas. You can have a holiday full of excitement and adventures upon getting to this fascinating nation.

Morocco has been explored by many of the travelers and traders of the past and it continues to attract plenty of tourists from various parts of the world even today. The country not only provides some glimpses into its past but also offers all the comforts of the present in its elegant resorts and hotels. During your time spent in this part of the world, you’ll get to explore its fabulous offerings.

Your cheap holidays to Morocco would be extremely pleasant if you visited during the autumn months of September and October or in the spring season, which begins in mid-March and lasts until May. In these seasons, you can have a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy your time outdoors and witness the lush green surroundings of the countryside.

If you choose to be in the country during its winter season from November to February, you can have comfortable temperatures during the daytime. However, the nights would be extremely cold, especially in regions surrounding the Atlas Mountains. summer season from June to August can be uncomfortably hot for many tourists staying closer to the desert.

During your holidays to Morocco, don’t forget to visit a major square in the city of Marrakech called Jemaa el-Fna. It is located in the city’s old quarter and has many stalls that sell a variety of items. A visit to this square in the evenings would allow you to witness the traditional forms of entertainment as well. When you’re exploring the city of Casablanca, a visit to the Hassan II Mosque is highly recommended. This mosque was constructed with the help of thousands of artisans and has become a major tourist attraction in recent times.

The cheap holidays to Morocco also give you ample opportunities to indulge in a wide range of activities. One of them is horseback riding, which can be enjoyed on the beach in Essaouira. While riding the horse, you can witness the fantastic sights of the gentle waves touching the beach, the sunset, and the enchanting natural surroundings.

While you’re in the desert regions, you can take adventurous camel rides. The desert areas also give you the chance to camp under the stars and have a sumptuous dinner with the nomadic people of the Sahara Desert.

While enjoying your holidays in this North African country, you’ll also get to savor its delicious local dishes. One of these delectable treats is a form of pasta called ‘Couscous’ or ‘Seksu’. It is prepared with wheat flour and rolled with hands.

Another culinary delight is the Harira made using several ingredients, such as lamb pieces, lentils, chickpeas, and tomatoes. The mint tea, also known as the ‘Moroccan Whisky’, is something you can’t afford to miss while exploring the country. It is a refreshing sweetened tea, which is poured from a certain height into the glass before it is served.

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