Do These Fun Activities When You Visit Brazil


Most travelers also consider Brazil their destination because of its attractions and adventures. Brazil fits in any of the two, even with a strict budget or looking for a luxury experience. It would be best to consider this place if you are a history buff, an outdoor man, or addicted to shopping.


Everything mentioned is available and offered in Brazil. You may also look forward to sightseeing and combing the islands and beaches, which is a perfect getaway. Having many plans in mind might need clarification on what to do first, so it is best to highlight the attractions and possible adventures in your destination. Check out this article; we found the best spots and fun things to do in Brazil.


A Dip in Iguazu Falls

Most tourists know that a trip to Brazil will only be complete with a tour of Iguazu Falls. It is one of the places considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you land in Brazil, you can go to Foz do Iguaçu to access this location. Also, you can go through Argentina and Paraguay since they have access points to Iguazu Falls. You can count on staying a day or two in the nearby towns and visiting the park to enjoy your getaway. 


Iguazu Falls


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Ride in Waves of Florianópolis Beaches

Everyone loves the beach, and Brazil has much to offer for water adventures. You can grab a board and start riding the waves on the shores of Floripa. There are a lot of choices around, but if you consider the location where the ASP World Tour surfing competition is happening, Praia Mole, it is. Also, check out the Holy Spirit Feast to have fun watching parties, sunbathing, and with several people to watch.

Morro das Pedras, Florianópolis


A Tour to the Cathedral of Brasília

Some tourists may think that cathedrals look the same, so they feel bored about visiting another one in Brazil. But everything will change when you get a chance to tour the Cathedral of Brasília. The historic place was completed in the 1970s and will surely surprise your eyes. You will witness the modern structure and design and get mesmerized. If you love firing up your desire and passion for architecture, it is the perfect place to visit in Brazil.


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A Trek at Aparados da Serra National Park

Are you up for an adventure? You can experience a trek at Aparados da Serra National Park and enjoy the incredible biodiversity in the area. It will be a worth-it adventure despite the challenges and difficulty in accessing the national park. Witness the subtropical forest, endangered species, and sight of waterfalls. The park limits only 1500 visitors each day due to the ongoing effort on conservation. Live up your adventure-seeker side and experience the advanced hiking trails.

image from diegograndi – Waterfall of Itaimbezinho Canyon with fog at Aparados da Serra National Park – Cambara do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


A Journey to Ouro Preto

An interest in colonial history will bring you to the Ouro Preto, which means “Black Gold.” It is the site where the former Brazilian Gold Rush is located and is now a well-preserved destination in the country. Some churches remained adorned with gold which travelers wanted to witness with their own eyes as they went to Brazil. Also, it became a popular destination because of the modern buildings with a touch of historical standards.

Ouro Preto – Igreja Nossa Senhora das Mercês


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