Beauty Essentials For Long Haul Flights


If you’re one of those who look so dried out before the plane could even land, here are a few beauty routines to help you keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated, as well as keep you entertained during a long flight. These beauty steps here ensure you get off a flight looking more relaxed and fresh than ever before.

Makeup-free face

Firstly, it’s best to get on a plane with a full face without makeup on. The air in the plane is so dry that wearing a heavy foundation on a long haul flight will create dull, flaky, and breakout-prone skin. A makeup-free face feels much better. However, if you need some makeup, apply it before the seat belt sign comes on for landing.

Antibacterial wipes

Since you never know when you’ll get to wash your hands, antibacterial wipes are another great item to have on the plane. They are a perfect alternative you can use to clean your hands, especially if you don’t feel like going to the lavatory.

Compression socks

In the air, your legs and feet swell for sitting down for long hours. This phenomenon is what they call gravitational edema, a typical experience yet bothersome condition to passengers. For long flights, compression socks are a perfect essential because you can stay seated for hours even without walking out of the plane. Plus, they also keep you feeling cozy.Face mist

We’re done with the wipes and compression socks, it’s time for the in-flight beauty routine, starting with a face mist. A gentle and calming face mist will give your skin refreshment it deserves while you’re on a plane. You can spray this as often as you want on your face. The more you hydrate your skin, the happier it will be. Remember to only bring a maximum of 100ml for any liquid bottle in your carry-on bag.


Choose a moisturizer you love to add the most hydration to your skin. With your fingers, massage the product both on your face and neck, and make circular motions in upward strokes. In case you have any puffiness, moisturizer helps drain all the toxins and soothe your skin.

Lip balm

Your lips should be hydrated, too. Even your lips dry out and need attention during the flight, so it’s best to keep your lip balm close to you.


You can’t be hydrated if you don’t drink enough water. Bring your reusable water bottle, so you don’t need any plastic cup when you want to drink. Have as much as you can, even if this means you get to go to the bathroom more often.

Hand cream

Yes, hands need to be hydrated too! Get yourself non-greasy with a delicious smelling cream to help you feel relaxed while ensuring your hands won’t dry out.

Essential oils

Another great addition to your travel essentials is essential oils. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil helps you relax better, and it also reduces stress.

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