Explore Some Historic Places with Vienna Holidays


The capital city of Austria, Vienna gives its visitors the chance to explore some fantastic streetscapes and Baroque buildings during their holidays. You’ll be treated to the fascinating sights of the old buildings while getting around in this part of the world. Most of them were built during the rule of the Habsburg monarchy.


While exploring the Austrian capital, you’ll also have the chance to get some interesting insights into its rich cultural heritage and the way of life that the residents follow. During your time spent in Vienna, you’ll certainly have some varied and memorable experiences worth cherishing.


While enjoying your Vienna holidays, you can choose to escape the bustling crowds and unwind amidst serene natural surroundings in the city’s enchanting public parks. If you choose to visit during early autumn, you’ll get the opportunity to witness the surreal appearance of the trees of these parks as their leaves take on some beautiful colors.


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The Vienna City Park is among the most popular public parks, which is also the very first one created in the Austrian capital. You’ll also cherish the time spent in Danube Park. There was a time when it fell into a decline, but it got transformed entirely in the later part of 20th century and is now a popular place for recreational activities.

During your cheap Vienna holidays, one of the most thrilling activities you can indulge in is a ride in one of the city’s horse-drawn carriages. Popularly known as ‘fiakers’ in this part of the world, these carriages have been a favourite with the locals as well as tourists for over two centuries. The fiakers take you through mesmerising sights of Vienna and give you some of the unforgettable moments of your time spent in the capital city of Austria. You can find them in the important places of the city, such as Heldenplatz, Burgtheater, and Stephansplatz. The duration of the rides is 20 minutes for a short tour and 60 minutes for a long trip.


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Your Vienna holidays would also give you the opportunity to relish some of the delectable treats that are popular with the city’s residents. Among them is ‘Sachertorte’, which is a delicious chocolate cake eaten as a dessert. It is so famous that the 5th of December has been declared as a National Day of Sachertorte. The cake is generally served with cream and has a mid-layer filled with apricot jam. It was invented by an Austrian confectioner called Franz Sacher, after whom, the cake has been named.

A live musical concert is something that you must not miss while holidaying in this city. Vienna has produced several legendary musicians, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Franz Schubert. There are musical concerts hosted frequently in the city at the most charming venues. If you wish to experience the Viennese classical music, there would be no place better than Wiener Musikverein. This particular venue has hosted some prominent international musicians over the years. Wiener Staatsoper and Karlskirche are the other popular venues.


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